I am thrilled to welcome you to The Listening Blog on behalf of The Listening Center, a counseling and wellness provider serving adults and children. At The Listening Center we focus our wellness services on the mental health and the physical fitness of our clients. We have collaborative and complimentary ways to integrate your mind and body counseling needs; and the professionals to guide you through your  journey to comprehensive wellness.

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, marital issues, couples counseling needs, family concerns, behavior problems, school concerns, interpersonal problems, anger management, fitness goals, weight loss road blocks, nutritional needs, unhealthy eating habits, career goals, financial stress, infertility, considering adoption, and other mental, emotional and physical needs, we have the psychotherapy, personal training, counseling and supportive services to help. Thank you for considering The Listening Center for your very personal and important needs. We respect the courage it takes to deal with these sensitive and vulnerable issues and we will offer you the utmost in professionalism and confidentiality.

In addition to the excellent services we provide, we have a dedicated staff who is committed to “listening” to you and to empowering you to “listen” to yourself and your body. Listening is so much more than the act of hearing. It involves using all of your senses as well as your heart and soul. Active, respectful, intuitive listening is truly a gift you can offer to yourself and your loved ones and we strive to help you get in tune with your listening skills. Please join us here at The Listening Blog where we will post weekly on Mind-Body news, tips, resources, success stories, etc., and the overall theme will always include some “Listening” tips. Hope to see you here often …thank you, Cathy Duzenski