1. The American Medical Association describes mental illness as the nation’s number one    health problem. It sends more people to the hospitals than cancer, lung and heart disease combined.

  2. More than 54 million Americans (1 in 5) have a mental disorder in a given year, but only 8 million (16%) seek treatment.

  3. Up to half of all visits to primary care physicians are due to conditions caused or exacerbated by psychiatric or emotional problems

  4. One in five children has a diagnosable mental, emotional or behavior disorder.

  5. Each year, depression costs the U.S. economy $43.7 billion, including the $31.3 billion for indirect costs such as decreased productivity & lost work days.

  6. Fifty percent of the mortality from the 10 leading causes of death in the U.S. can be attributed to behavioral factors, including stress.

  7. Thirty thousand Americans commit suicide each year and 500,000 Americans attempt suicide annually.